This month, Mark and Jonathan get a rare chance – we begin our interview Cheryl Mitchell from TiggzCraftWorkz, who developed a combination hiking pole and hammock stand called the “NoGround” system, and then we continue to interview both her and her new partner, Todd Fahrner. Cheryl and Todd have started up a company, Tensa Outdoor, and have perhaps one of the most innovative portable hammock stands we’ve seen in a long time. We discuss both the NoGround system and continue to talk with both of them with their new tensegrity-based solution they’ve dubbed a tensahedron. After chatting about the challenges of bootstrapping a capital-intensive business, we chat about using hiking poles (of course).

After chatting with Cheryl and Todd, we discuss some of the ways that hammock gear can be used as multi-purpose gear.

Finally, Jonathan reviews his new chameleon sidecar attachment for his Chameleon Hammock.

Show Notes:

Here is the link for a howto video for making an improvised tarp:
If you’re interested in the Garmin InReach, you can purchase it on
Here’s a link to MacIntyre’s X-Tensigrity stand video.
Learn about a caltrop from this wikipedia article.
Learn more about tensegrity systems from this wikipedia article.
And of course, here is a link to the HF thread with the tensahedron video.

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  2. Hey guys,

    Just getting into hammocking and listened through all the episodes in about a week. It’s great that a hammock podcast exists. So thanks for putting in the work.

    My favourite episodes are the rare few when you aren’t talking to manufacturers as they tend to be more about hammocking.

    The ones with the manufacturers cover a lot of time about how they started their business, grew their business and why they made various specific business choices. Those parts take up most of the time in those episodes and have next to nothing to do with hammocking… and they nearly all day the same thing “I made a thing for me, others liked it, I started producing it myself, later I hired people”. Yawn.