This month, Jonathan and Mark invite Derek Hansen back to the podcast, having an extra-long discussion about the re-release of his compendium about hammock camping, “The Ultimate Hang”, as well as the history of hammock camping, DIY’ing hammocks and hammock gear, as well as his updated app for Android and IOS. Before we finish, we have a challenging conversation about advocacy and its role in hammock camping, and then finish up chatting up good reads to bring on the trail.

After an interesting conversation with Derek Hansen, Jonathan and Mark chat about snacking on the trail.

Show Notes:

The contest will go from June 4, 2018 until September 10, 2018 when the winners will be announced. The 2 winners will receive a signed copy of “The Ultimate Hang, Second Edition” and have their hammock camping tip illustrated by Derek Hansen personally and posted to his website,

If you want to purchase your own copy of “The Ultimate Hang” by Derek Hansen, here is a link to buy it on Amazon.

Here’s a link to Multimok’s outline of how to work with a state regulator.

This is the thread on the Hammock Forums, which contains a link to the spreadsheet indicating which agencies have hammock-friendly regulations.

We’ve mentioned the Hangtime Hook a number of times in our podcast, here’s a link to their Facebook page if you want to buy the new version as soon as it’s released.

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