Where we learn that camping in a hammock involves NOT sleeping on the ground.IMG_0067

Meet Mark and Jonathan, a couple of scouters, backpackers and campers who are really excited about hammock camping. You’ll learn about how they got into hammock camping, some of their early experiences, and a little bit about hammocking along the way.

Is hammock camping a trend? Jonathan and Mark certainly think so. Seems like every day there’s more people out there hanging from trees.

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Thanks for visiting folks, and welcome to the Hang Your Own Hang Podcast – a co-hosted interview format podcast that focuses on Hammocks and Hammock Camping.

We’re putting together content now, and our production schedule will be following a monthly release starting October 1. Look for our short preview episode coming in September!

Thanks are in order as well, in anticipation of our first release, thanks to SkidVonArk, who is graciously allowing us to use his music for our intro/outro’s – you can find his music videos and trip reports on Youtube. I’d also like to thank Derek Hansen, author of the amazing book The Ultimate Hang, for helping me with pointers, some advice, and a whole bunch of hints on how to get this thing started – be sure to check out his website. Finally, thanks to ITX for helping me with an amazing logo and for hosting the site for me!