In this episode, Jonathan and Mark get a chance to talk to a bunch of folks who have experience managing group hangs in their region. A big thanks to Addam Wesneski, Stacy Adams, Kristal Bentley, and Juan Quinones, all of whom were a great help to learn the ins and outs of doing a great job hosting a group of hangers. After the interview, almost all of us decided that the fall is a great season for camping unless you live in Southern California.

After the panel discussion, Mark and Jonathan (and our new host Chris) chat with Shug about his experience carrying lighter and heavier loads, and the decisions that lead to carrying more weight for more comfort.

Finally Gresh and Spiguyver have some good and novel ideas for handling the condensation we all experience when using a bugnet or top cover in cold weather.

Show Notes:
– If you want to find a group hang in your area, click here to see the forum in hammock
– Check out Shug’s frost bib in this cool YouTube video.
– If you have a Chameleon, you can try out Dutch’s new Breathalyzer.

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  1. Awesome episode fellas. Y’all did a great job. Thanks for inviting me to be a part of this podcast. I love listening to the podcast while I do my chores around the house. Yall have a very diverse amount of content and guests for revolving around the simple subject of hammocks. It’s been a pleasure listening to the years of content.

    Hopefully y’all can indeed make it down to HangCon 2020 and bring the new crew with you.
    Juan- Floridahanger

    • I keep meaning to make it back down myself, but it just never seems to be in the cards for me – maybe in 2020.

  2. I am in the Rochester area and am very interested in a group hang in Western NY. (I went to MAHHA this year but it is a long drive). Where can I find info about the hangs you mentioned in the Allegheny forest? And pleased keep the listeners updated if a local western hang is organized.

    • Dana, the Allegheny hangs I was mentioning are posted in They usually have one in the winter, one in the summer. Only been to one of the hangs, but great group of people there.Here is the link to the thread on the forums.
      As for hangs that Jonathan and I are putting together, keep an eye on the forums, we are in the early stages of putting stuff together.

  3. Great show Listen to it every month. mist One!