This month, Mark and Jonathan get a rare chance – we begin our interview Cheryl Mitchell from TiggzCraftWorkz, who developed a combination hiking pole and hammock stand called the “NoGround” system, and then we continue to interview both her and her new partner, Todd Fahrner. Cheryl and Todd have started up a company, Tensa Outdoor, and have perhaps one of the most innovative portable hammock stands we’ve seen in a long time. We discuss both the NoGround system and continue to talk with both of them with their new tensegrity-based solution they’ve dubbed a tensahedron. After chatting about the challenges of bootstrapping a capital-intensive business, we chat about using hiking poles (of course).

After chatting with Cheryl and Todd, we discuss some of the ways that hammock gear can be used as multi-purpose gear.

Finally, Jonathan reviews his new chameleon sidecar attachment for his Chameleon Hammock.

Show Notes:

Here is the link for a howto video for making an improvised tarp:
If you’re interested in the Garmin InReach, you can purchase it on
Here’s a link to MacIntyre’s X-Tensigrity stand video.
Learn about a caltrop from this wikipedia article.
Learn more about tensegrity systems from this wikipedia article.
And of course, here is a link to the HF thread with the tensahedron video.

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