palmetto_state_hangers_jpgIn this episode Mark and Jonathan get to talk to Gresh and Junebug about their experiences starting up the world’s first social club organized to support hammock campers. If you’ve ever been to a group hang, or thought about taking it to the next level, this is the podcast for you – they discuss why and how they created the PSH, and many of the options available to campers who want to “hang together”.

We also discuss food options for car camping for groups, and then Mark and Jonathan chat about some of the suspension choices available to the modern hanger and a few reasons why you might not want to stick with the stock suspension supplied with the hammock you just got as a gift from your significant other.

Acknowledgements go this month to 2 episode sponsors – Haute Hammock, a designer of fine hammock-related t-shirts who are currently running a special kickstarter campaign with some amazing new designs. Also thanks to Yukon Outfitters, a Tennessee-based manufacturer of hammock camping gear, along with a line of outdoors-related products.

Show Notes:

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