This month we get a chance to talk to a couple of folks who have been involved in the hammock camping community for quite a while – Bryan Oates and John Gresham of Tato Gear. Not only making amazing stoves, Bryan has been solving those little problems with hammocks and hammock systems for a while (Jonathan, for instance, uses the ridgeline quilt hook for getting rid of drafts in his underquilt). We chat with the guys about how they got into hammock camping, the type of gear they use, and their experience doing kickstarters, like the one for their hammock stand.

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We also chat about the media we check out online – podcasts and youtube content. Jonathan likes a couple of podcasts (of course), and Mark, John, and Bryan have some YouTube favorites.

Finally, Mark and Jonathan wax a little too much about their favorite “gadgets” they bring onto the trail.

Show Notes and Links:

Tato Gear Ridgeline Quilt Hook

LuminAID PackLite Nova Solar Inflatable Lantern

Garmin inReach SE+

7800mAh Rechargeable Camping Lantern Power Bank 3-in-1 Portable Device – Defrost Labs Rechargeable Pocket Camping Lantern

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