On this month’s episode, Mark and Jonathan get a chance to have a great conversation with a true veteran of the industry, Adam Hurst from Hammock Gear. He talks about his experience camping and backpacking, his experience getting started in the industry and introducing different insulating products into the market, and his ideas for new products. We also chat about Hammock Gear and its role as a cottage vendor in a growing industry. Finally, we finish with a chat about how we make sure we’re prepared to (gasp) “go to ground”.

Mark and Jonathan talk about dealing with critters, and then do a short product review of the Katadyn BeFree portable water filter.

Show Notes and Links:

Here’s that video from Shug, Setting up a Hammock and Tarp on the Ground.

Jonathan uses an Ursack instead of hanging a bear bag, you can get that here.

Finally, here is a link to the Katadyn BeFree water filtration system.

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