IMG_9832.JPGIn this episode Mark and Jonathan have a chance to talk with Paul Gibson, owner and founder of Arrowhead Equipment. An avid backpacker and fisherman, Paul chats with us about his background in hammock camping and his experiences starting a business in a nascent industry such as hammock camping. He also shares his thoughts about being a cottage vendor, why that’s important, and some of the products that he has been working on recently. We also talk about some “cool hangs” that we’ve done.

Mark and Jonathan also discuss ticks and the Alpha Gal allergy, and how to avoid tick bites and some of the nasty diseases that they carry.

Show notes:
The radio lab episode on Alpha Gal can be found here:

The battery/lantern available on can be found at

A link to Arrowhead Equipment’s kit product can be found here:

Permethrin at Amazon can be found in spray as well as higher concentrated bottles, here: If soaking, be sure to reduce the concentration to less than 5%.

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