Sintax77 Profile PicThis month, Jonathan gets a chance to interview Shawn Crawford, also known as Sintax77, in person while on a business trip in Philadelphia, PA. Jonathan and Mark chat with Shawn about his experiences backpacking, camping, doing videography, and his move from traditional tent camping to hammock camping. Shawn gives some helpful hints on how to prepare for and bring your spouse camping, and we discuss the merits of a top quilt versus using a sleeping bag. You can find Sintax77 here at his website, or else be entertained by checking out his videos here, at his youtube channel.

Following onto the interview, Jonathan and Mark discuss the effects of being a “cold sleeper” and a “warm sleeper” on how a hammock camper might choose their gear for winter camping.


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  2. Wow I won the lottery! I religiously watch Sintax77 (Shawn Crawford’s) hiking channel and he recommended this site. As a lifelong minimalist hiker and camper I have just started hammock camping. These podcasts are kind of a one stop shop for all things Hammocks.It is neat to put a voice such as Derek Hansen Ultimate hang. I anxiously await your next podcast.

  3. Geroge, I’m really glad to hear that this is valuable for you. Check out our other podcast episodes, and if you’re interested in learning or hearing about something else, by all means we’re interested in new topics to discuss or folks to interview. Thanks so much for your comment!

    • Great podcast! I just binge listen to them all this weekend based on Sintax77’s recommendation.

      Interview suggestion – Drew from Revhiker on YouTube. Great guy and a minimalist hammock hanger.

  4. Listener number 8 here 🙂 enjoyed it.
    Syntax77 sent me.

  5. Really enjoying all your podcasts! Thanks for taking on such a creative way to share all this enthusiasm, interest and varied information.

    In your last episode (syntax77), near the end, you mention a usb/light you both liked a lot. I missed the name of it. Are you comfortable sharing?

    Thanks again.

  6. Hey Marcus, thanks. Here’s a link on Amazon:, it’s a rechargeable lantern with a built-in power bank for charging a mobile device. I love it!

  7. Love your podcasts. I just have one thing to throw out on this one– You mentioned not hammocking in Utah; I live in Utah these days and I camp all the time with the scouts and on my own and I’m almost a 100% hammock camper.
    You can do it!
    Thanks for your podcasts!

    • Thanks Stephen, it’s interesting how we get a picture of how something works, and how sometimes it’s really off from reality. I’d love to see some pictures of your troop hanging on our Facebook page. Thanks!

      • By the way, I have another suggestion for an interview, Cannibal from the hammock forums. I would love to hear more about making the switch to full time hammock sleeping. What kinds of hammocks are best? Indoor hammock insulation ideas? That kind of thing. I have read several of his posts and he seems to have some experience worth hearing. You guys are doing a great job and I enjoy listening to these each month–Thanks!

        • Great suggestion. Full-time hanging has come up in the past when Mark and I talk about show ideas. It’s in the backlog!

  8. Enjoyed the podcast! I’ve watched many of Sintax’s videos. Just as a clarification for those that are thinking of going to Utah for a trip….Utah has very diverse scenery and environments. Southern Utah is dry and few trees. Northern Utah has great High Mountain camping with lots of trees to hang from. Look up the High Unitas Wilderness for breathtaking views and great high mountain lakes and camping/fishing.