kyleThis month Jonathan and Mark chat it up with Kyle from RipstopByTheRoll: hanger, entrepreneur, and supplier of DIY materials. Listen with us as we learn a little about what got Kyle started as the materials source of choice for the Do-It-Yourself’ers who hang from trees, and learn a lot more that you expected about some of the materials that you might use. Make no mistake, this is a short but deep discussion about materials! After discussing their favorite hanging sites, Mark and Jonathan chat about projects funded on kickstarter; Jonathan likes it for new products but you’ll have to listen to the podcast to find out what Mark thinks.

Show Notes:

We discuss Ripstop By the Roll as having a subforum link in the website – you can find this subforum here, participation requires a free sign-in on the site.


  1. Great discussion and I learned a lot about fabrics which will help in some of my DIY projects, thanks again! And thanks for the correction at the end, if you ever want to try some amazing backwoods hammocking in UT I recommend Logan Canyon, or the Wellsville Mountains. And in Southern UT deserts there is nothing wrong with a portable hammock stand.

    Portable hammock stands could be a great podcast topic too?!?

    • Logan Canyon looks beautiful, from the online photos that I saw, thanks for sharing. The hammock stand is a great idea, I saw that there is a very nice one that someone is producing that converts from a pair of hiking poles, and of course the handy hammock is a great idea too. Lots of innovation going on right now.

      • I grew up in Maryland and hiked asking the AT All the time, I miss it, but I have found some wonderful places out here. I lived in Australia for a while and would love to go back and hammock camp there. The first time around was a heap of backpacker hostels etc. It’s a beautiful world, why not camp it all!

  2. Great episode! I just received a box full of materials for making hammocks for all of our boys in our Boy Scout Troop. I love the free thread, it’s a simple way to solve a subtle problem with DIY generally.

  3. Hey guys, love the podcast.

    I have a suggestion for a future episode- SAM DUCHARME aka “SAM I AM” on YouTube. He thru-hiked the entire AT and hammocked the whole way, and documented his journey on YT. Really solid guy and I’m sure he’d love to podcast with you.

    Looking forward to the next episode!