In this episode, Mark and Jonathan have a great conversation with Caleb Lystrup, one of the co-founders of Khione Outdoor Gear, a Utah-based startup and recent kickstarter success story. Caleb and his partner Casey Messick, both graduate students at BYU, discovered their love of hiking together and had an inspiration for a “new” type of hammock shelter, an all-in-one that they have called the “SHEL”. We chat about Casey’s development of their product, his experience in testing and perfecting the system (due out in January), and some ideas for cheap backpacking products.

After the interview, Jonathan and Mark discuss trying to sleep in the noisy woods and not being too freaked out by animals, and then try to figure out why foxes like sneakers.

Show Notes:

Learn more about the Khione kickstarter here.

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1 Comment

  1. Another great episode guys, thanks.

    I had to laugh when you started discussing sleep aids….I generally hammock with a group of 40-50 year olds who all carry a few extra pounds and snore at World Class Level, so earplugs are an essential!!

    We have a constant battle with squirrels who bombard us with debris from the trees, deer who bark at night and owls which hoot, but nothing more than that.

    Looking forward to the next episode.