In this post, Jonathan and Mark interview Frozen, a backpacker and popular vlogger currently hiking the AT. We chat with Frozen about some of his experiences planning for a long hike, along with some of the things that have happened to him along the way (hint: don’t put a tent in a lean-to). We finish up with a quick chat about stuff we hate while camping.

After that, Jonathan and Mark chat about the way hammock camping has become a much more international pastime, and how many people from all over the world are adding hammocks to their kit. Thanks to Benjamin Kos for the great links!

Finally, Gresh and Spiguyver discuss trail safety, bug nets, and riff on ridgelines.

Show Notes:

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1 Comment

  1. Still enjoying the podcasts immensely. Thank you!

    I want to say that on a recent scout outing I was having a hard time getting my feet warm even after changing socks. I remembered Jonathan’s advice and took them off. My feet warned right up.

    Also I just got done with The First 40 Miles episode 90 where they tried camping in hammocks. Great job converting them to the faithful! I know they recently ended their podcast but I’m a few years behind and look forwarding to finding out if they tried/stuck with hammocking.

    I look forward to listening to this and future episodes!