In this episode, we get a chance to interview one of the most notable people in hammock camping, Derek Hansen, the author of The Ultimate Hang: An Illustrated Guide to Hammock Camping. Derek shares a bit about his experience hanging as a boy, and why he has grown from a participant in the community oDerekHansenHeadShotf hammock campers to a leader in introducing people to the activity. Derek also tells us how he feels about testing cheap hammocks, using tree straps, and the future of hammock camping as not only a great way to camp (and sleep), but also as a solution to decreasing our impact on the outdoors. Finally, we get to learn a little more about his upcoming new book, “The Ultimate Hang 2”. You can also learn more about Derek and read many of his reviews or watch his videos at his website,

It’s winter in Buffalo, and Jonathan and Mark also talk about some ways they have found to keep warm, and what to do if you feel like you’re getting cold.



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  2. Excellent interview. I am a big fan of Derek and really enjoy his product reviews and posts. I’ve been hammock camping as part of my bike touring for the past two years. Plus I now sleep in a hammock indoors as well. “The Ultimate Hang” was an early purchase and I look forward to the update as well.

    Thanks for this podcast. – James

    • Thanks for the compliment. Checked out your site, love it. My wife and I want to have some similar adventures with our tandem.

  3. ufdigga on the hammock forums pointed out that we didn’t add the link for the 30 degree hang with the Hennessy Tarp. Here it is:

  4. Great interview with Derek! So glad I discovered this podcast, looking forward to watching it evolve and talking hammocks!

  5. Lynn Clark (hiknhanger on the forum)

    I have enjoyed every one of your podcasts. It has been interesting to hear from the movers and shakers I admire and appreciate. Derek was another great guest. Keep up the good work!

  6. Lynn, thanks for the support. I agree, Derek was great to talk with and a really intelligent guy.