tj1215_100503_000000_31744If you’re looking for a bit more Hammock Bling in your life, Dutch is the guy to see. Mark and Jonathan chat with Dutch a little about his adventures, and about the things that influence his design and products. You can find more about Dutch and his products at

Also – buy vs. make? Jonathan and Mark visit this common question with a conversation about getting all of your gear in a kit vs. putting together your hammock, tarp, suspension, and insulation as separate parts. Here’s the thread on hammock forums on the DIY hammocks, and here’s a link to Derek Hansen’s video on how to make this into a hammock.

For those nerds who want to learn about the whoopie sling being used for arborist work, there are some videos out there. Here’s one that shows an arborist’s whoopie sling in action. Don’t forget to milk your bury’s!

Finally, a link to the famous hammock hang calculator, created by Derek Hansen. You can also download and install the calculator for iOS and Android if you have a smartphone from the links on the page.


  1. I love the podcast! Great topics and interviews. Just wanted to mention that on all three episodes, the audio skips forward ever 10 seconds or so. There are words cut out as people are speaking. The problem might be on my end but I listen to a lot of different podcasts and none of them have this issue. Otherwise keep up the good work!

    • Nick, thanks for listening. We didn’t have that experience while doing our QC on the recording, and haven’t heard that from anyone else. I’ll PM you directly to gather more information about your environment, hopefully we can get it ironed out.

      • I think that I am having a similar problem, it seems to be cutting out every few second when the two of you talk but I didn’t notice it when Dutch was talking. I am just listening to it straight from the website.

        Despite that small issue, great episode!

        • There are actually a few areas where Dutch also cuts out every few seconds, but it is more frequent with the two of you.

          • I think you’re experiencing some issues we had with the skype call, which is typically how we do our interviews. Ah, the blessings of using the internet!

  2. Episode 3 is the best yet. Taking nothing away from Shug, I really have enjoyed learning more about the business of hammocks from Tom Hennessey and Dutch. I hope you continue to talk to industry insiders.

    • Sidney, thanks so much for the feedback. We’re hoping to do a bunch of interesting interviews, both of interesting hammockers as well as industry leaders. We have a couple of really interesting episodes coming up, so please stay tuned.

      That being said, we’re always looking for suggestions on interesting folks to get into the schedule, and any ideas that you have are very welcome. Thanks for hanging around!

  3. Great work with these podcasts! Your love of hammock camping comes through clear and each episode has drawn out nicely the personality and passion of Shug, Tom and Dutch. Please keep us posted on how your Scouts do with their tablecloth hammocks. When I went through scouting years ago I wish I had a hammock at camp.

    • Thanks, your comments mean a lot. These guys are great, and leaders in our small but growing community. We have a lot of great ideas coming up, and we’re looking for ideas – “like” us on facebook and share your thoughts there. Keep on hanging!

  4. Wow, I just bumped into this on White Blaze. I’m also a member of HF and an avid viewer of Shug’s youtube vids. I look forward to see/hearing more of this. Currently I’m in the process of putting together a AT 2016 thru-hike. Plans are to hang it with one of Luke’s 90* hammocks. Although I can fall back on my WBRR if necessary. Would it be possible to get email notifications of podcasts as they come to fruition? I don’t really do facebook, so I thought I’d ask. Thanks, Rob

    • Hey there OldTrailDog, I’m glad that you’ve enjoyed the podcast so far. I’m afraid that we don’t currently have an email notification system in place, as many of our listeners are using a podcast app, which automatically subscribes to and notifies the user when there is an update. I’ll look into a mailing list function on the website, however, and see what I can come up with.

      Meanwhile, we publish once a month, at or around the beginning of the month, and we’ve got some great interviews coming up this year, so stay tuned!