p1170008After producing a hammock camping podcast for a year, we bring you a very special anniversary episode! Jonathan and Mark get together some of the record holders in cold weather camping for an extended round table, just in time for the winter months. Shug, Fronkey, Bic, and CryOTheWild (also known as Nick of the Woods) chat about getting warm and keeping warm, some of their “fails” in winter camping, and even share a few hints about peeing in the woods (hint: it’s cold at night). We finish with some sound advice from each of the campers about why winter camping, and especially cold weather camping, is such a great idea.

After an extended chat with the guys, Mark and Jonathan discuss some of the Acronyms that many newbies might not be familiar with when they start talking with hammock campers, and review some of their own experience with them.

Acknowledgements go this month to 2 episode sponsors – Haute Hammock, a fine purveyor of hammock-related t-shirt designs, and Yukon Outfitters, a US-based manufacturer of hammock camping gear, along with a line of outdoors-related products. Listen to our episode for a discount code on your next order!

Show Notes:

Here is a great compilation of acronyms that Just Jeff, one of the “old timers” in Hammock Camping, put together: http://www.hammockforums.net/forum/showthread.php/216-Hammock-Acronyms

Here are a couple of videos from the 2016 Frozen Butt Hang: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDd1Hc3_v8Q and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lppx5x22_kw

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  1. This was the perfect antidote this morning for a 90 minute drive. I love my winter camping and loved hearing friends talking about it. One tip didn’t come up, except perhaps in a side comment. 20 minutes before retiring I fill a nalgene with just-shy-of-boiling water, seal up in a gallon ziplock to catch leaks, put into a wool sock, and toss in the hammock, Down traps air, and that air is _cold_ until either your body, or your water bottle pumps some heat in.

    • Hey Dave! Thanks for the comment. We’ve mentioned that in a previous episode, but it’s still a very very good reminder. I do the same as well when it’s chilly.

  2. Just got a chance to hear the podcast and loved it! Lots of good advice on camping out in the wintertime. Down here in Texas we don’t really get cold like they do up north, but cold is cold, it’s just a matter of degree (so to speak and yep! pun intended) as to what you need to do to stay warm. Now, how about going the opposite direction and gather together some voices from those of us in Texas who have a “Butt Bake” every year in the wilds of East Texas in late July when the temps are in the triple digits? I think folks will get something out of that. Thanks for the work on this and keep it up!