IMG_0685Sean “Shug” Emery has been a backpacker and performer for much of his life, and talks in this episode about how these two sides of his life interact, allowing him to contribute to a community of campers and hikers through his publishing of videos on YouTube, including his famous 12 video introduction to hammock series. This contribution has ultimately led Shug to get more pleasure out of hiking, even by himself, than he ever would have before – leading to “reflection moments” – times when he stops and smells the flowers. Knowing that he’s sharing his experiences with a greater audience means that he takes the time to enjoy his experiences more deeply.We all pretty much agree that making and using alcohol stoves is great. Especially those we make for ourselves. Especially when we’ve made way way way too many.

Finally, we close out with a reminder to go out into the woods and just hike with your family, especially if you have kids. If you’ve got a 4th grader in the USA, you can get into any national park for free with the “Every Kid in a Park” program from the US Federal Government.


  1. Thanks for hosting Shug we all know him well over at Hammock forums he is the pied piper that many of us follow. I personally feed off his passion for the good things in life and am a lot like him. Great interview hope to hear more soon. Jim

  2. Great interview guys! It’s always nice to hear from the Shug! The stove podcast would be a great one. I was also hoping we might one day hear an interview of Derek Hansen. He was the one who got me on the rode to hanging. He was talking on the Scoutmaster podcast about hammock camping. Thanks again for the great interview look forward to hearing more.