In this episode, Mark and Jonathan talk with Grant Doner, otherwise known in hiking circles as Cannibal. A hiker and hanger who has been around the hammock camping community for almost a decade, Grant shares his experiences promoting 4-season hammock camping and backpacking around the country.

After that, Jonathan and Mark chat about long distance hiking and their dreams for the future.

Show Notes and Links:

Check out (and feel free to edit/update) that Wikipedia page on Long Trails in the US.

Go to 4:00 – this is that video from the Linville Gorge that Shug mentioned, where Stormcrow eats a slug.

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  1. great interview! Cannibal is so much fun in person, and it comes through very well in this episode. Funny though he didn’t talk about his experience hiking with a woman in Florida who like to stroll along nekked!