This month Mark and Jonathan chat it up early in the morning (for them) with Jonas Haug, Steiner Bukve Witsø, and Didrik Abrahamsen from Amok Equipment in Norway. We chat with them about their experience bringing such a unique product online and how they develop it. After that, they discuss some of their experience camping and living in Northern Europe.  Finally, everyone shares a little bit of their memories and talks about camping equipment that they’ve been using for years.

After chatting with the guys from Amok, Jonathan and Mark discuss knots vs. “bling” for dealing with the age-old question, how will you hang your hammock and tarp?

Show Notes:

If you’re interested in the Draumr XL prototype giveaway, you can go here:

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If you want to learn from Grog about how to tie knots, here’s the website for Grog’s Animated Knots.

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  1. Ellen Margrethe Jehg

    HYOH (Hang your own hang)

  2. The AMOK guys say the giveaway is on Sept 3 but this episode just hit my podcast app on Monday Sept 10. What is the real giveaway date? Or did the episode cone out after the actual giveaway?

    • Didrik Abrahamsen

      Its 17th of september, sorry about that, I totally forgot about the dates. And I have entered your name. We will pick using a randomizer tool.

      Best regards
      Didrik @ Amok