nicol-headshotIn this episode, Jonathan and Mark get a chance to talk to someone who has been hanging around in hammocks for quite a while – Grizz, or Professor Hammock (depending upon which YouTube series you choose to view at the time). Grizz brings a lot of experience in the industry, along with some interesting conversation about types of hammocks, his new Ariel hammock, fun with DIY, and some truly sage advice to backpackers about carrying your fears and concerns. We even get in some chitchat about the remote possibility of a Hammock Camping Merit Badge!

After chatting with Grizz, Jonathan and Mark have a discussion about some of the knots they’ve learned from working with hammocks.

Acknowledgements go this month to 2 episode sponsors – Haute Hammock, a fine purveyor of hammock-related t-shirt designs, and Yukon Outfitters, a US-based manufacturer of hammock camping gear, along with a line of outdoors-related products. Listen to our episode for a discount code on your next order!

Show Notes:

The orginal ‘Bridge Hammock’ thread:

A pic of Grizz sleeping on his stomach:

The sewing video we talked about:

Grizz’s first hammock video, not under ‘Professor Hammock’ but made for the ‘build a patented hammock design’ contest:

A link to the Professor Hammock youtube channel:

Finally, a link to Grog’s Knots (a site with animations showing how to tie the knots that we discuss in today’s discussion segment, along with many many others:

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  1. Another fantastic show! Do you guys have any photos of your podcast set up

    • Thanks Joe, really glad that you enjoy the show. With regards to our podcast setup, you might be disappointed in seeing a picture of it – Mark and I are typically not even in the same town (he lives in the next town over) let alone the same room when we do our recordings. He has a headset and I have a mic, we get onto Skype and go at it remotely. We definitely want to get some better recording kit for some traveling activity that we have planned in the future, but that being said we’re just sitting in our basements huddled in front of our computers. Thanks for asking!

      If you have any suggestions about how we can do better, or ideas of who you might enjoy listening to, please feel free to share those thoughts with us – we love the feedback.

  2. The audio quality sounds good to me. I really dig your show format and show music! I do a lot of shopping on Amazon during the holidays. Is your show apart of the amazon affiliate program? Something like that would help with expenses.

  3. Known about you guys for a while, but a Grizz interview made me come listen. Really great format with these podcasts and I’m looking forward to listening to rest of them! Well done.